Instance Property


The minimum and maximum corner points of the object’s bounding box.


var boundingBox: (min: SCNVector3, max: SCNVector3) { get set }


Scene Kit defines a bounding box in the local coordinate space using two points identifying its corners, which implicitly determine six axis-aligned planes marking its limits. For example, if a geometry’s bounding box has the minimum corner {-1, 0, 2} and the maximum corner {3, 4, 5}, all points in the geometry’s vertex data have an x-coordinate value between -1.0 and 3.0, inclusive.

The coordinates provided when reading this property are valid only if the object has a volume to be measured. For a geometry containing no vertex data or a node containing no geometry, the values min and max are both zero.

By default, Scene Kit automatically computes the bounding volumes of nodes and geometries and uses this information to assist in rendering. Setting a new value for this property overrides the default bounding box.

See Also

Working with Bounding Volumes

var boundingSphere: (center: SCNVector3, radius: Float)

The center point and radius of the object’s bounding sphere.