Instance Property


The vertical size of the camera's imaging plane, in millimeters.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat sensorHeight;


The sensorHeight and focalLength properties determine the camera's horizontal and vertical viewing angles using terms that model physical camera devices. (Alternatively, you can work with viewing angle directly though the fieldOfView property.) For example, with the default sensor height of 24 mm and default focal length of 50 mm, the vertical field of view is 60°.

Setting the fieldOfView property causes SceneKit to automatically recalculate the focalLength value, and setting the sensorHeight or focalLength property recalculates fieldOfView.

See Also

Managing Field of View


The vertical or horizontal viewing angle of the camera.


The camera's focal length, in millimeters.


The axis used to determine field of view or orthographic scale.


Options for the axis used to determine field of view or orthographic projection.