Instance Property


The number of pixel samples SceneKit uses to create depth-of-field blur effects.


var focalBlurSampleCount: Int { get set }


When the wantsDepthOfField setting is enabled, SceneKit renders depth-of-field blur (also called bokeh) effects using a blur filter that samples multiple points in the image. Sampling a larger number of points produces a higher quality visual effect at a higher performance cost, and vice versa. The default sample count is 25.

See Also

Adding Depth-of-Field Effects

var wantsDepthOfField: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether SceneKit renders depth-of-field blur effects for the camera.

var focusDistance: CGFloat

The distance from the camera at which objects appear in sharp focus. Animatable.

var fStop: CGFloat

The physical camera aperture simulated by SceneKit for depth-of-field effects. Animatable.

var apertureBladeCount: Int

The number of physical camera aperture blades simulated by SceneKit for depth-of-field effects.