Instance Property


The magnitude of the blur effect applied to create ambient occlusion shadows.


var screenSpaceAmbientOcclusionNormalThreshold: CGFloat { get set }


Ambient occlusion is an effect that improves material shading by calculating the amounts of ambient light that reach various parts of a surface, creating shadows on parts of a geometry where incoming light is obscured by other parts of the geometry. (You can provide pre-rendered ambient occlusion effects for a material using its ambientOcclusion property.) Screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) provides a real-time approximation of this effect for the entire scene viewed through the camera.

SSAO shadowing includes a blur effect to realistically soften differences in shadow between adjacent pixels, which depends on both the smoothness of scene geometry and this factor. Larger blur factors create a softer, more spread-out blur; smaller factors create coarser shadowing effects.

See Also

Adding Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion

var screenSpaceAmbientOcclusionIntensity: CGFloat

The intensity of the screen-space ambient occlusion effect applied in camera rendering.

var screenSpaceAmbientOcclusionRadius: CGFloat

The distance, in units of scene space, at which ambient occlusion takes effect.

var screenSpaceAmbientOcclusionBias: CGFloat

An offset for modulating ambient occlusion effects.

var screenSpaceAmbientOcclusionDepthThreshold: CGFloat

The maximum depth difference, in units of scene space, at which to apply ambient occlusion effects.