Instance Property


The axis used to determine field of view or orthographic scale.


var projectionDirection: SCNCameraProjectionDirection { get set }


The fieldOfView property measures view angle in a single primary direction, determined by this projectionDirection property. For the other direction, SceneKit automatically adjusts field of view depending on the aspect ratio of the view presenting the scene.

For example, with the default projection direction of SCNCameraProjectionDirection.vertical, setting fieldOfView to 60 results in a vertical view angle of 60°. If the scene appears on a display with a 4:3 aspect ratio, the horizontal view angle is 80°. However, if the scene appears on a 16:9 display, the horizontal view angle is 106°.

This property has a similar effect on scaling for orthographic projections. The orthographicScale property measures the scale factor in the direction of the projectionDirection property, and SceneKit automatically calculates scale factor in the other direction according to aspect ratio.

See Also

Managing Field of View

var fieldOfView: CGFloat

The vertical or horizontal viewing angle of the camera.

var focalLength: CGFloat

The camera's focal length, in millimeters.

var sensorHeight: CGFloat

The vertical size of the camera's imaging plane, in millimeters.

enum SCNCameraProjectionDirection

Options for the axis used to determine field of view or orthographic projection.