Instance Property


The influence of the constraint on the node’s transformation.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat influenceFactor;


Use this property to relax the effect of a constraint on the nodes it applies to. For example, consider a node containing a spotlight, constrained by an SCNLookAtConstraint object to point toward another node containing a moving game character. If the constraint’s influence factor is 1.0, SceneKit adjusts the spotlight node to point directly at the game character each time it renders a frame. If you reduce the influence factor to 0.5, each time SceneKit renders a frame it moves the spotlight halfway from its current orientation to the target orientation. As a result, the spotlight continues to follow the moving character, but with a slight lag.

The default influence factor is 1.0, specifying that SceneKit apply the full effect of the constraint every frame. An influence factor of 0.0 means the constraint has no effect.

This property has no effect on SCNTransformConstraint objects.