A right circular cylinder geometry.


class SCNCylinder : SCNGeometry


Figure 1

A cylinder and its properties

A cylinder defines the surface of a solid whose every cross section along a linear axis is a circle of equal size. Define the size of the cylinder’s cross section in the x- and z-axis dimensions of its local coordinate space with the radius property, and its extent in the y-axis dimension with the height property. To position and orient a cylinder in a scene, attach it to the geometry property of an SCNNode object.

Control the level of detail with the radialSegmentCount and heightSegmentCount properties. A higher radial segment count creates a smoother curve for the cylinder’s circular sides. A higher segment count in either direction produces more vertices, which can improve rendering quality for certain lighting models or custom shader effects, but at a cost to rendering performance.

A cylinder contains three SCNGeometryElement objects: one each for its base and top, and one that wraps around its sides. SceneKit can render each element using a different material. For details, see the materials property in SCNGeometry.


Creating a Cylinder

init(radius: CGFloat, height: CGFloat)

Creates a cylinder geometry with the specified radius and height.

Adjusting a Cylinder’s Dimensions

var radius: CGFloat

The radius of the cylinder’s circular cross section. Animatable.

var height: CGFloat

The extent of the cylinder along its y-axis. Animatable.

Adjusting Geometric Detail

var radialSegmentCount: Int

The number of subdivisions around the circumference of the cylinder. Animatable.

var heightSegmentCount: Int

The number of subdivisions in the sides of the cylinder along its y-axis. Animatable.


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