Instance Property


The distance from the floor at which scene contents are no longer reflected. Animatable.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat reflectionFalloffEnd;


SceneKit can render reflections on a floor using an opacity gradient (or falloff). With this gradient, the reflections of scene contents closer to the floor are more visible than those of scene contents farther from it. This property marks the distance at which the opacity gradient ends. Scene contents farther away from the floor than this distance do not appear in the reflection.

If this property’s value is 0.0 (the default), SceneKit does not render the reflection with an opacity falloff—all scene contents are visible in the reflection regardless of their distance from the floor.

You can animate changes to this property’s value. See Animating SceneKit Content.

See Also

Adding Reflections to a Floor


The intensity of the scene’s reflection on the floor. Animatable.


The distance from the floor at which scene contents are reflected at full intensity. Animatable.


The resolution scale factor of the offscreen buffer that SceneKit uses to render reflections.


A mask that defines which categories of other objects show reflections on the floor.