Instance Property


The resolution scale factor of the offscreen buffer that SceneKit uses to render reflections.


var reflectionResolutionScaleFactor: CGFloat { get set }


SceneKit creates a reflection effect by rendering the scene twice. First, it renders the scene into an offscreen buffer, using a point of view whose position is the reflection of the camera’s position. Next, it renders the scene from the camera’s point of view, using the offscreen buffer as a texture map for the floor’s surface. Rendering the scene twice incurs a performance cost. Reducing the resolution of the offscreen buffer reduces this cost but causes the reflected image to appear blurry.

The default scale factor is 1.0 in macOS and 0.5 in iOS.

See Also

Adding Reflections to a Floor

var reflectivity: CGFloat

The intensity of the scene’s reflection on the floor. Animatable.

var reflectionFalloffEnd: CGFloat

The distance from the floor at which scene contents are no longer reflected. Animatable.

var reflectionFalloffStart: CGFloat

The distance from the floor at which scene contents are reflected at full intensity. Animatable.

var reflectionCategoryBitMask: Int

A mask that defines which categories of other objects show reflections on the floor.