Instance Property


The geometry source specifying the smoothness or sharpness of edges after surface subdivision.


var edgeCreasesSource: SCNGeometrySource? { get set }


This geometry source’s semantic value must be edgeCrease. Its data is an array of scalar values (that is, the source’s componentsPerVector value is 1). The value at an index in the geometry source determines the smoothness or sharpness of the edge identified by the primitive at the corresponding index in the edgeCreasesElement geometry element: a value of 0.0 specifies a completely smoothed edge, and a value of 10.0 or greater specifies an infinitely sharp edge.

See Also

Smoothing and Subdividing Geometry

var subdivisionLevel: Int

The number of subdivisions SceneKit uses to smooth the geometry’s surface at render time.

var edgeCreasesElement: SCNGeometryElement?

The geometry element identifying which edges of the geometry’s surface should remain sharp after subdivision.