Type Method


Creates a new geometry object with no content (or default content).


+ (instancetype)geometry;

Return Value

A new geometry object.


This method creates a geometry with no visible content. You can use an empty geometry with another geometry’s levelsOfDetail property to make the geometry disappear when it is too far away from the camera to usefully render.

SceneKit’s SCNGeometry subclasses use this method to create geometry instances with default contents. For example, if you call this method on the SCNSphere class, it creates a sphere geometry whose radius property has the default value of 0.5.

You cannot add geometry sources or elements to a geometry object after creating it. To create a custom geometry from your own source and element data, use the geometryWithSources:elements: method.

See Also

Creating a Geometry Object

+ geometryWithSources:elements:

Creates a new geometry built from the specified geometry sources and elements.

+ geometryWithMDLMesh:

Creates a geometry from the specified Model I/O mesh object.