Instance Property


The semantic value (or attribute) the geometry source describes for each vertex.


var semantic: SCNGeometrySource.Semantic { get }


A semantic describes an attribute for each vertex, such as position, color, surface normal vector, or texture coordinates.

See Geometry Semantic Identifiers for available values.

See Also

Inspecting a Geometry Source

var data: Data

The data for the geometry source.

var vectorCount: Int

The number of vectors in the data.

var usesFloatComponents: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether vector components are floating-point values.

var componentsPerVector: Int

The number of scalar components in each vector.

var bytesPerComponent: Int

The size, in bytes, of each vector component.

var dataOffset: Int

The offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the data to the first vector component to be used in the geometry source.

var dataStride: Int

The number of bytes from a vector to the next one in the data.