Instance Property


The number of bytes from a vector to the next one in the data.


var dataStride: Int { get }


You can use the SCNGeometrySource and SCNGeometrySource parameters can together to interleave data for multiple geometry sources in the same array, improving rendering performance. See SCNGeometrySource for details.

See Also

Inspecting a Geometry Source

var data: Data

The data for the geometry source.

var semantic: SCNGeometrySource.Semantic

The semantic value (or attribute) the geometry source describes for each vertex.

var vectorCount: Int

The number of vectors in the data.

var usesFloatComponents: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether vector components are floating-point values.

var componentsPerVector: Int

The number of scalar components in each vector.

var bytesPerComponent: Int

The size, in bytes, of each vector component.

var dataOffset: Int

The offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the data to the first vector component to be used in the geometry source.