Instance Property


An object that manages the material’s specular response to lighting.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) SCNMaterialProperty *specular;


Specular shading describes the amount and color of light reflected by the material directly toward the viewer, forming a bright highlight on the surface and simulating a glossy or shiny appearance. You adjust the sharpness of specular highlights using the material’s shininess property.

By default, the specular property’s contents object is a black color, causing the material to appear dull or matte. Changing the specular property’s contents to a brighter color causes specular highlights to appear in that color, making the surface appear shiny. When you apply a texture to the specular property, the texture image becomes a specular map—the brightness of each pixel in the image determines the tendency of each point on the material’s surface to create specular highlights when lit.

The figure below shows a material (with a texture for its diffuse property) before and after providing a specular map image. Notice that the bright specular highlights appear only on portions of the surface where the specular map image is white.

Figure 1

Adding a specular map to a material

The material’s lightingModelName property determines the formula SceneKit uses to combine its specularity and other visual properties with lights and other contents in a scene to produce the final color for each rendered pixel in the rendered scene. For details, see Lighting Models.

This material property does not apply to physically-based materials (see SCNLightingModelPhysicallyBased).

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