Instance Property


An object that provides color values representing the global illumination of the surface.


var selfIllumination: SCNMaterialProperty { get }


Self-illumination applies to all materials, but is especially useful for those using physically-based shading (see physicallyBased). Physically-based materials work best with environment-based lighting (see the SCNScene property lightingEnvironment), but for some materials it can be useful to let a surface itself define part of its lighting—for example, an object whose position obscures it from the “sky” that provides the main lighting environment. When you assign contents to this property, they override the environmental lighting contribution to diffuse shading, but environmental lighting still contributes to specular effects.

See Also

Visual Properties for Special Effects

var normal: SCNMaterialProperty

An object that defines the nominal orientation of the surface at each point for use in lighting.

var emission: SCNMaterialProperty

An object that defines the color emitted by each point on a surface.

var ambientOcclusion: SCNMaterialProperty

An object that provides color values to be multiplied with the ambient light affecting the material.