Instance Property


An object that manages the material’s diffuse response to lighting.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) SCNMaterialProperty *diffuse;


Diffuse shading describes the amount and color of light reflected equally in all directions from each point on the material’s surface. The diffuse color of a pixel is independent of the point of view, so it can be thought of as a material’s “base” color or texture.

By default, the diffuse property’s contents object is a white color. The figure below shows the effect of setting the diffuse property’s contents to a texture image on a material whose other properties have default contents.

Figure 1

Adding a diffuse texture to a material

The material’s lightingModelName property determines the formula SceneKit uses to combine its diffuse color and other visual properties with lights and other contents in a scene to produce the final color for each rendered pixel in the rendered scene. For details, see Lighting Models.

See Also

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