Instance Property


An object that provides color values to determine how metallic the material’s surface appears.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) SCNMaterialProperty *metalness;


This property measures only the total intensity of color values; texture contents are best defined in grayscale.

This property generally approximates aspects of a physical surface—such as index of refraction, tendency to produce sharp reflections, and tendency to produce Fresnel reflections at grazing angles—that together produce an overall metallic or nonmetallic (also called dielectric) appearance. Lower values (darker colors) cause the material to appear more like a dielectric surface. Higher values (brighter colors) cause the surface to appear more metallic.

This property applies only when the material’s lightingModelName value is SCNLightingModelPhysicallyBased.

See Also

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An object that provides color values to determine the apparent smoothness of the surface.