An object that manages smooth transitions between a node's base geometry and one or more target geometries.


class SCNMorpher : NSObject


Figure 1

Morphing between a sphere geometry and two target geometries

You control these transitions by associating an SCNMorpher object with a node using its morpher property. The morpher maintains an array of target geometries and a set of weights associated with each. When all weights are zero, the surface takes the form of the base geometry (from the node’s geometry property). When you use the setWeight(_:forTargetAt:) method to increase a weight to 1.0, the surface takes the form of the geometry at the corresponding index in the morpher’s targets array. If you use a variety of weight values for several targets, the surface takes a form that proportionally interpolates between the target geometries.

You can also animate weights implicitly or explicitly using keypath animations. For example, the following code creates a morph animation that transitions one target weight back and forth repeatedly:

CABasicAnimation *animation = [CABasicAnimation animationWithKeyPath:@"morpher.weights[0]"];
animation.fromValue = @0.0;
animation.toValue = @1.0;
animation.autoreverses = YES;
animation.repeatCount = INFINITY;
animation.duration = 5;
[node addAnimation:animation forKey:nil];

A morpher and its target geometries may be loaded from a scene file or created programmatically. The base geometry and all target geometries must be topologically identical—that is, they must contain the same number and structural arrangement of vertices.


Specifying Morph Targets

var targets: [SCNGeometry]

The array of target geometries to morph between.

Blending between Morph Targets

func weight(forTargetAt: Int) -> CGFloat

Returns the weight value for the specified target index.

func setWeight(CGFloat, forTargetAt: Int)

Specifies a weight value at a specified target index.

Changing Interpolation Mode

var calculationMode: SCNMorpherCalculationMode

The interpolation formula for blending between target geometries.


enum SCNMorpherCalculationMode

The interpolation formulas for blending between target geometries.

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