Instance Method


Specifies a weight value at a specified target index.


- (void)setWeight:(CGFloat)weight forTargetAtIndex:(NSUInteger)targetIndex;



A number specifying the contribution of the target geometry to the blended surface, generally between 0.0 and 1.0.


The index of a geometry in the morpher’s targets array.


Target geometries and their weights determine the current form of the surface produced by the morpher. For example, if a morpher has one target whose weight is 0.5, the form of the resulting surface will be halfway between those of the base geometry and the target geometry.

You can also animate weights implicitly or explicitly using the keypath weights[index], where index corresponds to the targetIndex parameter of this method.

See Also

Blending between Morph Targets

- weightForTargetAtIndex:

Returns the weight value for the specified target index.