Values that inform SceneKit’s rendering for movement-related effects, used by the movabilityHint property.


enum SCNMovabilityHint : Int



case fixed

The node is not expected to move over time.

case movable

The node is expected to move over time.

See Also

Modifying the Node Visibility

var isHidden: Bool

A Boolean value that determines the visibility of the node’s contents. Animatable.

var opacity: CGFloat

The opacity value of the node. Animatable.

var renderingOrder: Int

The order the node’s content is drawn in relative to that of other nodes.

var castsShadow: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether SceneKit renders the node’s contents into shadow maps.

var movabilityHint: SCNMovabilityHint

A value that indicates how SceneKit should handle the node when rendering movement-related effects.