Instance Property


The mode that determines input values for the property controller’s animation.


@property(nonatomic) SCNParticleInputMode inputMode;


With the default input mode of SCNParticleInputModeOverLife, the animation timing for each particle is based on the particle’s life span. For example, consider an animation that reduces each particle’s opacity from 1.0 to 0.0. By default, a particle begins with full opacity, and reduces its opacity completely by the end of its life span (regardless of the particle’s position and other properties). Change the input mode to make each particle’s opacity a function of a different measurement, such as distance from a specified point or one of the particle’s other properties. For more details, see SCNParticleInputMode.

See Also

Managing the Controller’s Animation


The Core Animation object defining the behavior of the property animation.


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A node whose distance to each particle provides input values for the controller’s animation.


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