Instance Property


The Core Animation object defining the behavior of the property animation.


@property(nonatomic, retain) CAAnimation *animation;


You can use different CAAnimation subclasses to animate effects in different ways. For example, a CABasicAnimation transitions a property from one value to another, and a CAKeyframeAnimation transitions a property through a series of values. You use properties of the animation object to define its timing curve, repeat mode, and other options.

SceneKit ignores the keyPath property of this animation object. Instead, when you attach a property controller to a particle system’s propertyControllers dictionary, use one of the keys listed in Particle Property Keys to specify which particle property it animates. SceneKit also ignores the animation’s duration and repeatCount properties. Instead, the controller defines the behavior of the animation’s input value.

See Also

Managing the Controller’s Animation


The mode that determines input values for the property controller’s animation.


An offset to add to the input value of the controller’s animation.


A factor for multiplying the input value of the controller’s animation.


A node whose distance to each particle provides input values for the controller’s animation.


A particle property that provides input values for this property controller’s animation.