Instance Property


An offset to add to the input value of the controller’s animation.


var inputBias: CGFloat { get set }


Use this property and the inputScale property to pre-process input values to the controller’s animation. For example, if you use the SCNParticleInputMode.overDistance option to animate a particle’s opacity as a function of its distance from a specified point, a bias specifies the minimum distance at which the animation’s fromValue property or first keyframe value takes effect.

The default value is 0.0, leaving the input value to the animation unchanged. The range of possible values depends on the controller’s animation.

See Also

Managing the Controller’s Animation

var animation: CAAnimation

The Core Animation object defining the behavior of the property animation.

var inputMode: SCNParticleInputMode

The mode that determines input values for the property controller’s animation.

var inputScale: CGFloat

A factor for multiplying the input value of the controller’s animation.

var inputOrigin: SCNNode?

A node whose distance to each particle provides input values for the controller’s animation.

var inputProperty: SCNParticleSystem.ParticleProperty?

A particle property that provides input values for this property controller’s animation.