An animation for a single property of the individual particles rendered by a particle system.


class SCNParticlePropertyController : NSObject


Use particle property controllers to change the properties of individual particles in an SCNParticleSystem object over time, with Core Animation semantics. For example, by associating a keyframe animation with a particle system’s color property, you can create a flame effect with particles that change from blue to white to orange as they rise.

A particle property controller animates a property of individual particles rendered by the particle system. By comparison, implicitly or explicitly animating properties of a SCNParticleSystem object affects the system as a whole. Consider the keyframe animation of colors described above—if you apply this animation directly to a particle system instead of using a property controller, all particles rendered by the system change color together instead of each one changing color as it rises.

Core Animation animations in SceneKit typically animate a change to a property as a function of time. By default, property controllers animate a particle property this way. However, by changing the inputMode property you can also create animations that animate a particle property as a function of distance from a specified node or of the value of another particle property. For example, you can use this option to make particles change color as they speed up and slow down.

For more details about particle systems and particle properties, see SCNParticleSystem.


Creating a Property Controller

init(animation: CAAnimation)

Creates a particle property controller with the specified Core Animation animation.

Managing the Controller’s Animation

var animation: CAAnimation

The Core Animation object defining the behavior of the property animation.

var inputMode: SCNParticleInputMode

The mode that determines input values for the property controller’s animation.

var inputBias: CGFloat

An offset to add to the input value of the controller’s animation.

var inputScale: CGFloat

A factor for multiplying the input value of the controller’s animation.

var inputOrigin: SCNNode?

A node whose distance to each particle provides input values for the controller’s animation.

var inputProperty: SCNParticleSystem.ParticleProperty?

A particle property that provides input values for this property controller’s animation.


enum SCNParticleInputMode

Options for the input value of the property controller’s animation, used by the inputMode property.


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Particle Systems

class SCNParticleSystem

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