Instance Method


Adds a block that modifies particle properties, to be executed at a specified event in the lifetimes of particles in the system.


func handle(_ event: SCNParticleEvent, forProperties properties: [SCNParticleSystem.ParticleProperty], handler block: @escaping SCNParticleEventBlock)



The event at which to call the block. See SCNParticleEvent for allowed values.


An array containing one or more of the constants listed in Particle Property Keys, each of which specifies a property of the appearance or behaviors of particles in the particle system.


A SCNParticleEventBlock block to be called every time SceneKit renders a frame. In this block you can modify the properties of particles in the system.


By associating a block with one or more particle properties, you can run arbitrary code that modifies those properties when a significant event in the particle simulation occurs for one or more particles. For example, you can use the following code with a confetti effect to randomly switch between two distinct colors for each spawned particle:

[system handleEvent:SCNParticleEventBirth
          withBlock:^(void **data, size_t *dataStride, uint32_t *indices , NSInteger count) {
              for (NSInteger i = 0; i < count; ++i) {
                  float *color = (float *)((char *)data[0] + dataStride[0] * i);
                  if (rand() & 0x1) { // Switch the green and red color components.
                      color[0] = color[1];
                      color[1] = 0;

See Also

Modifying Particles in Response to Particle System Events

enum SCNParticleEvent

Significant events in the life spans of simulate particles, used by the handle(_:forProperties:handler:) method.

typealias SCNParticleEventBlock

The signature for blocks called by SceneKit in response to significant events during particle simulation, used by the handle(_:forProperties:handler:) method.