Instance Property


The range of randomized initial frames for particle image animation. Animatable.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat imageSequenceInitialFrameVariation;


Setting a nonzero value for this property randomizes the effect of the imageSequenceInitialFrame property. SceneKit randomly adjusts the initial animation frame for each particle by up to half the imageSequenceInitialFrameVariation value. For example, if the imageSequenceInitialFrame value is 10.0 and the imageSequenceInitialFrameVariation value is 5.0, each particle randomly begins on a frame between frame 7.5 and frame 12.5 of the image sequence animation.

When you use image sequences for particles, SceneKit interpolates between frames of animation, so a fractional value (either for this property or for either endpoint of the range it determines) results in a partial fade between two animation frames.

The default value is 0.0 seconds, specifying no randomization.

You can animate changes to this property’s value. See Animating SceneKit Content.

See Also

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