Type Method


Creates a vehicle behavior.


+ (instancetype)vehicleWithChassisBody:(SCNPhysicsBody *)chassisBody wheels:(NSArray<SCNPhysicsVehicleWheel *> *)wheels;



A physics body to serve as the vehicle’s chassis.


An array of SCNPhysicsVehicleWheel objects representing the vehicle’s wheels. A vehicle must have at least one wheel.

Return Value

A new vehicle behavior.


Each object in the wheels array associates a node with the wheel to serve as its visual representation and defines properties for the wheel’s physical characteristics. Each wheel object must reference a unique node, which should be a child of the node containing the physics body used for the vehicle’s chassis. Typically, you load a node hierarchy representing the vehicle and all of its wheels from a scene file and then designate which nodes serve as the body and wheels.

For a behavior to take effect, you must add it to the physics simulation by calling the addBehavior: method on your scene’s SCNPhysicsWorld object.