A physics behavior that modifies a physics body to behave like a car, motorcycle, or other wheeled vehicle.


@interface SCNPhysicsVehicle : SCNPhysicsBehavior


To build a vehicle, designate an SCNPhysicsBody object as its chassis and an array of SCNPhysicsVehicleWheel objects as its wheels. For each wheel, you define physical characteristics such as suspension and traction, and associate a node in your scene to provide the wheel’s size and visual representation. After you construct a vehicle, you can control it in terms of acceleration, braking, and steering.

Although it’s also possible to use a set of physics bodies and joints to collectively simulate a wheeled vehicle, the SCNPhysicsVehicle class implements a higher-level simulation that provides realistic vehicle behavior with more efficient simulation performance.


Creating a Vehicle

+ vehicleWithChassisBody:wheels:

Creates a vehicle behavior.

Working with a Vehicle’s Physical Characteristics


The physics body representing the vehicle’s chassis.


An array of SCNPhysicsVehicleWheel objects representing the vehicle’s wheels.

Driving a Vehicle

- applyEngineForce:forWheelAtIndex:

Applies a force between the specified wheel and the ground under the vehicle.

- applyBrakingForce:forWheelAtIndex:

Applies a force between the specified wheel and the ground under the vehicle.

- setSteeringAngle:forWheelAtIndex:

Pivots the specified wheel around its steering axis.


The vehicle’s ground speed, in kilometers per hour.


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Vehicle Simulation


The appearance and physical characteristics of an individual wheel associated with an physics vehicle behavior.