Instance Property


The maximum distance that the wheel is allowed to move up or down relative to its connection point, in centimeters.


var maximumSuspensionTravel: CGFloat { get set }


Travel is the total distance a wheel is allowed to move (in both directions), in the coordinate system of the node containing the vehicle’s chassis. The default suspension travel is 500.0.

See Also

Simulating Suspension

var suspensionStiffness: CGFloat

The spring coefficient of the suspension between the vehicle and the wheel.

var suspensionCompression: CGFloat

The coefficient that limits the speed of the suspension returning to its rest length when compressed.

var suspensionDamping: CGFloat

The damping ratio that limits oscillation in the vehicle’s suspension.

var maximumSuspensionForce: CGFloat

The maximum force of the suspension between the vehicle and the wheel, in newtons.

var suspensionRestLength: CGFloat

The resting length of the suspension, in meters.