The global simulation of collisions, gravity, joints, and other physics effects in a scene.


class SCNPhysicsWorld : NSObject


You do not create SCNPhysicsWorld objects directly; instead, read the physicsWorld property of an SCNScene object. Use physics world object to perform the following tasks:

  • Manage global properties of the simulation, such as its speed and constant gravity. (For more precise control of gravity and similar effects, see the SCNPhysicsField class.)

  • Register behaviors that modify interactions between the scene’s physics bodies, such as joints and vehicles. For more details, see SCNPhysicsBehavior.

  • Specify a delegate object to receive messages when two physics bodies contact each other

  • Perform specific contact tests, and search for physics bodies in the scene using ray and sweep tests.


Managing the Physics Simulation

var gravity: SCNVector3

A vector that specifies the gravitational acceleration applied to physics bodies in the physics world.

var speed: CGFloat

The rate at which the simulation executes.

var timeStep: TimeInterval

The time interval between updates to the physics simulation.

func updateCollisionPairs()

Forces the physics engine to reevaluate possible collisions between physics bodies.

Registering Physics Behaviors

func addBehavior(SCNPhysicsBehavior)

Adds a behavior to the physics world.

func removeBehavior(SCNPhysicsBehavior)

Removes a behavior from the physics world.

var allBehaviors: [SCNPhysicsBehavior]

The list of behaviors affecting bodies in the physics world.

func removeAllBehaviors()

Removes all behaviors affecting bodies in the physics world.

Detecting Contacts Between Physics Bodies

var contactDelegate: SCNPhysicsContactDelegate?

A delegate that is called when two physics bodies come in contact with each other.

func contactTest(with: SCNPhysicsBody, options: [SCNPhysicsWorld.TestOption : Any]?) -> [SCNPhysicsContact]

Checks for contacts between one physics body and any other bodies in the physics world.

Searching for Physics Bodies

func rayTestWithSegment(from: SCNVector3, to: SCNVector3, options: [SCNPhysicsWorld.TestOption : Any]?) -> [SCNHitTestResult]

Searches for physics bodies along a line segment between two points in the physics world.

func convexSweepTest(with: SCNPhysicsShape, from: SCNMatrix4, to: SCNMatrix4, options: [SCNPhysicsWorld.TestOption : Any]?) -> [SCNPhysicsContact]

Searches for physics bodies in the space formed by moving a convex shape through the physics world.

Search Options

struct SCNPhysicsWorld.TestOption

Keys in options dictionaries that affect how SceneKit searches for bodies in a collision, ray, or sweep test.


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See Also

Physics in a Scene

class SCNPhysicsField

An object that applies forces, such as gravitation, electromagnetism, and turbulence, to physics bodies within a certain area of effect.

class SCNPhysicsBehavior

The abstract superclass for joints, vehicle simulations, and other high-level behaviors that incorporate multiple physics bodies.

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