Global Variable


The rendering API to use for rendering the view (for example, Metal or OpenGL).


const SCNViewOption SCNPreferredRenderingAPIKey;


The value for this key is an NSNumber object containing one of the values listed in SCNRenderingAPI. You can also set this option from the inspector in Interface Builder.

SceneKit attempts to initialize a view using the preferred API you specify in the SCNView initializer; if the current device does not support the preferred API, SceneKit automatically falls back to a supported API. After initialization, use the renderingAPI property to find out whether a fallback occurred. For example, if you specify the SCNRenderingAPIMetal option when initializing a view on an iOS device that does not support Metal, SceneKit defaults to the SCNRenderingAPIOpenGLES2 option instead.

See Also

View Options


An option for whether to select low-power-usage devices for Metal rendering.


The device to use for Metal rendering.