Instance Method


Attaches a particle system to the scene, using the specified transform.


func addParticleSystem(_ system: SCNParticleSystem, transform: SCNMatrix4)



A particle system.


A transformation matrix that positions and orients the particle system relative to the world coordinate space of the scene.


A particle system directly attached to a scene is not related to the coordinate space of any node in the scene. To attach a particle system whose emitter location follows the movement of a node within the scene, use the corresponding SCNNode method.

For details on particle systems, see SCNParticleSystem.

See Also

Working with Particle Systems in the Scene

var particleSystems: [SCNParticleSystem]?

The particle systems attached to the scene.

func removeParticleSystem(SCNParticleSystem)

Removes a particle system attached to the scene.

func removeAllParticleSystems()

Removes any particle systems directly attached to the scene.