Instance Property


The current scene time.



@property(nonatomic) NSTimeInterval sceneTime;


This timestamp determines how running animations behave, which is similar to how the playhead time in a video player application determines which frame of a movie to display. Scene time applies only to animations whose usesSceneTimeBase property is YES, including those loaded from a scene source using the SCNSceneSourceAnimationImportPolicyPlayUsingSceneTimeBase option.

Use this property, together with the above animation options, when you want to directly control (or allow the user to directly control) the playback of animations. For example, if you’re building an authoring tool for 3D assets, you might bind this property’s value to a slider control for scrubbing through playback of animations in a scene file.

See Also

Managing Scene Animation Timing


A Boolean value that determines whether the scene is playing.



A Boolean value that determines whether SceneKit restarts the scene time after all animations in the scene have played.


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