Instance Property


The node representing the listener’s position in the scene for use with positional audio effects.



@property(nonatomic, retain) SCNNode *audioListener;


When you use the SCNAudioPlayer class to play sound, the resulting effect depends on the position of each audio source in the scene relative to the listener. For example, changes in relative position can cause a sound to be localized to the left or right channel for stereo headphone output.

This property determines the listener’s position. If the value is nil (the default), the listener position is always the same as that of the pointOfView node. By providing a different node for this property, you can separate the listener position from the point of view—this produces an effect similar to that of a boom microphone in video production. For example, in a third-person game where the camera floats high in the sky above the player character, you might use the player character as the listener node so that sounds from positions nearest the player are loudest.

To place an audio source in the scene, use the addAudioPlayer: method on an SCNNode object.

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