Scene File Consistency Check Error Codes

Error codes that identify errors found during a scene-file-format consistency check.


If you specify true for the checkConsistency when creating or loading from a scene source, SceneKit verifies the scene file against the specification for its file format. SceneKit reports any format verification issues in an NSError object whose code property is one of these values.

For more details about the location and nature of any format validation errors, see the SCNDetailedErrorsKey key in the error’s userInfo dictionary, and the keys listed in Scene File Consistency Error Keys.



var SCNConsistencyInvalidURIError: Int

The scene file contains an invalid URI (or URL).

var SCNConsistencyInvalidCountError: Int

The scene file contains an invalid number of scenes.

var SCNConsistencyInvalidArgumentError: Int

An element in the scene file contains an invalid option for one of its attributes.

var SCNConsistencyMissingElementError: Int

A required element in the scene file is missing.

var SCNConsistencyMissingAttributeError: Int

An element in the scene file is missing a required attribute.

var SCNConsistencyXMLSchemaValidationError: Int

The format of the scene file does not match its XML schema definition.