Instance Property


The geometry source that defines the influence of each bone on the positions the geometry’s vertices.


@property(readonly, nonatomic) SCNGeometrySource *boneWeights;


This geometry source’s semantic property must be SCNGeometrySourceSemanticBoneWeights. Its data is an array of floating-point vectors, whose componentsPerVector count is the number of bones influencing each vertex. Each vector corresponds to a vertex in the geometry’s SCNGeometrySourceSemanticVertex geometry source, and each component in a vector specifies the influence of a bone on that vertex’s position. The boneIndices source determines which nodes in the bones array correspond to each component in the vector. A component value of 0.0 means that the bone has no influence on that vertex; positive or negative values scale the transformation of a bone node before SceneKit applies that transformation to the vertex.

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