Instance Property


The geometry source defining the mapping from bone indices in skeleton data to the skinner’s bones array.


var boneIndices: SCNGeometrySource { get }


This geometry source’s semantic property must be boneIndices. Its data is an array of integer vectors, each of which corresponds to a weight vector in the boneWeights geometry source. Each component in a vector specifies the index of the node in the bones array for the corresponding bone weight component.

See Also

Working with an Animation Skeleton

var skeleton: SCNNode?

The root node of the skinner object’s animation skeleton.

var bones: [SCNNode]

The control nodes of the animation skeleton.

var boneInverseBindTransforms: [NSValue]?

The default transforms for the animation skeleton’s bone nodes.

var boneWeights: SCNGeometrySource

The geometry source that defines the influence of each bone on the positions the geometry’s vertices.