Creates a text geometry from a specified string, extruded with a specified depth.


convenience init(string: Any?, extrusionDepth: CGFloat)



An NSString or NSAttributedString object containing text from which to create the geometry.


The extent of the text geometry in the Z dimension of its local coordinate space. Specify a depth of 0.0 to create 2D text confined to a plane.

Return Value

A new text geometry.


In the local coordinate system of the text geometry, the origin corresponds to the lower left corner of the text’s layout rectangle, with the text extending in the x- and y-axis dimensions. (SceneKit computes a layout rectangle automatically, or you can specify one using the containerFrame property.) The geometry is centered along its z-axis. For example, if its extrusionDepth property is 1.0, the geometry extends from -0.5 to 0.5 along the z-axis. An extrusion depth of zero creates a flat, one-sided shape—the geometry is confined to the plane whose z-coordinate is 0.0, and viewable only from its front unless its material’s isDoubleSided property is true.