A torus, or ring-shaped geometry.


class SCNTorus : SCNGeometry


Figure 1

A torus and its properties

A torus is mathematically defined as a surface of revolution formed by revolving a circle around a coplanar axis. It is the product of two circles: a large ring and a pipe that encircles the ring. SceneKit uses these terms to define the dimensions of a torus geometry in its local coordinate space. The torus’ ringRadius property defines a circle in the x- and z-axis dimensions, centered at the origin, and its pipeRadius property defines the width of the surface encircling the ring. To change the orientation of a torus, adjust the transform property of the node containing the torus geometry.

Control the level of detail with the ringSegmentCount and pipeSegmentCount properties. Higher segment counts produce more vertices and a more smoothly curved surface, which can improve rendering quality at a cost to rendering performance.


Creating a Torus

init(ringRadius: CGFloat, pipeRadius: CGFloat)

Creates a torus geometry with the specified ring radius and pipe radius.

Adjusting a Torus’ Dimensions

var ringRadius: CGFloat

The major radius of the torus, defining a circle in the x- and z-axis dimensions. Animatable.

var pipeRadius: CGFloat

The minor radius of the torus, defining the pipe that encircles the torus ring. Animatable.

Configuring Torus Properties

var ringSegmentCount: Int

The number of subdivisions around the torus ring. Animatable.

var pipeSegmentCount: Int

The number of subdivisions around the torus pipe. Animatable.


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