Instance Method


Advances the screen saver’s animation by a single frame.


func animateOneFrame()


This method is called each time the timer animating the screen saver fires. The time between calls to this method is always at least animationTimeInterval. It is guaranteed that the focus is locked when this method is called, so subclasses may do drawing in this method. The subclass can also let draw(_:) perform the drawing, in which case animateOneFrame() needs to call setNeedsDisplay(_:) with an argument of true. The default implementation does nothing.

See Also

Animating the ScreenSaverView

func startAnimation()

Activates the periodic timer that animates the screen saver.

func stopAnimation()

Deactivates the timer that advances the animation.

var isAnimating: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates if the screen saver is currently animating.