Web Service

Search Ads

Drive app discovery by creating and managing campaigns with the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API.


With the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API, you can build campaigns containing total budgets and daily caps, and create ad groups containing keywords, creative sets, audience refinement criteria, and scheduling. You can implement your own keyword-bidding strategy or use the Search Match feature to automatically match your ad to relevant user searches on the App Store. When you are ready, promote your campaigns to multiple countries or regions and generate reports with meaningful metrics.



Authenticating with the Search Ads Campaign Management API

Generate an API certificate to make requests to the Search Ads API.

Using API Functionality

Call endpoints using CRUD methods.

Search Ads API Release Notes

Make adjustments to your API implementation.


Campaign Management

Create and manage Search Ads campaigns.

Ad Groups

Ad Groups Management

Create and manage ad groups.


Targeting Keywords and Negative Keywords Management

Apply relevant words or phrases that make your campaigns findable.

Creative Sets

Creative Sets Management

Use creative assets to promote your campaigns.


Reports Management

Generate performance metrics for your campaigns.


Search Apps and Geo Locations

Search for app and geo criteria for your campaigns.