Obtains the object identifier for the encapsulated data of a signed message.


func CMSEncoderCopyEncapsulatedContentType(_ cmsEncoder: CMSEncoder, _ eContentTypeOut: UnsafeMutablePointer<CFData?>) -> OSStatus



The CMSEncoder reference returned by the CMSEncoderCreate function.


On return, points to the object identifier for the encapsulated data in the signed message.

Return Value


In a signed message, the signed data consists of any type of data (the encapsulated content) plus the signature values. This function returns the object identifier (OID) of the encapsulated content as it was specified with the CMSEncoderSetEncapsulatedContentType function.

If the CMSEncoderSetEncapsulatedContentType function has not been called for this message, this function returns a NULL pointer.

See Also

Message Characteristics

func CMSEncoderCopySigners(CMSEncoder, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFArray?>) -> OSStatus

Obtains the array of signers specified with the CMSEncoderAddSigners function.

func CMSEncoderCopyRecipients(CMSEncoder, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFArray?>) -> OSStatus

Obtains the array of recipients specified with the CMSEncoderAddRecipients function.

func CMSEncoderCopySupportingCerts(CMSEncoder, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFArray?>) -> OSStatus

Obtains the certificates added to a message with CMSEncoderAddSupportingCerts.

func CMSEncoderGetCertificateChainMode(CMSEncoder, UnsafeMutablePointer<CMSCertificateChainMode>) -> OSStatus

Obtains a constant that indicates which certificates are to be included in a signed CMS message.