Frees the memory associated with a set of authorization items.


func AuthorizationFreeItemSet(_ set: UnsafeMutablePointer<AuthorizationItemSet>) -> OSStatus



A pointer to the authorization set to free.

Return Value


When your application no longer needs the authorization item sets created by the Security Server in the AuthorizationCopyRights(_:_:_:_:_:) and AuthorizationCopyInfo(_:_:_:) functions, call this function to free it.

See Also

Authorization Items

struct AuthorizationItem

A structure containing information about an authorization right or the authorization environment.

struct AuthorizationItemSet

A structure containing a set of authorization items.

typealias AuthorizationRights

An authorization item set designated to represent a set of rights.

typealias AuthorizationEnvironment

An authorization item set designated to hold environment information relevant to authorization decisions.

Authorization Name Tags

Use name tags to define authorization security items.