Registers a custom transform.


func SecTransformRegister(_ uniqueName: CFString, _ createTransformFunction: SecTransformCreateFP, _ error: UnsafeMutablePointer<Unmanaged<CFError>?>?) -> Bool



A unique name for this custom transform. It is recommended that a reverse DNS name be used for the name of your custom transform


A SecTransformCreateFP function pointer. The function must return a SecTransformInstanceBlock block. Call block_copy on this block before returning it. Failure to do so results in undefined behavior.


A pointer that the function uses to provide an error object with details if an error occurs. The caller becomes responsible for the object's memory. Pass NULL to ignore the error.

Return Value

A Boolean that is set to true if the custom transform was registered and false otherwise

See Also

Custom Transforms

typealias SecTransformCreateFP

A pointer to a function that creates a new instance of a custom transform.

typealias SecTransformInstanceBlock

A block that you return from a transform creation function.

typealias SecTransformImplementationRef

An opaque pointer to a block that implements an instance of a transform.