Retrieves the authorization tags of a given ACL entry.


func SecACLCopyAuthorizations(_ acl: SecACL) -> CFArray



The ACL entry from which you wish to retrieve the authorization tags.

Return Value

An array containing the authorizations for this entry.


An ACL instance includes a list of trusted apps, the name of the keychain item as it appears in user prompts, the prompt selector flag, and a list of one or more operations to which this ACL entry applies. Use this method to retrieve the list of operations for an ACL entry. Use the SecACLCopyContents(_:_:_:_:) method to retrieve the other information.

The SecACLCopyAuthorizations(_:) method returns an error if there are more tags to return than the number of elements you allocated in the tags array. A 20-element array should suffice for most purposes; however, you can test for the errSecBufferTooSmall error and increase the size of the array before calling the method again if necessary. Alternatively, you can call the method with a tag count of 0, read the value returned in the tagCount parameter, and then call the method again using that value.

See Also

Access Control List Configuration

func SecACLSetContents(SecACL, CFArray?, CFString, SecKeychainPromptSelector) -> OSStatus

Sets the application list, description, and prompt selector for a given ACL entry.

func SecACLUpdateAuthorizations(SecACL, CFArray) -> OSStatus

Sets the authorization tags for a given ACL.