Removes the specified ACL entry from the access instance that contains it.


func SecACLRemove(_ aclRef: SecACL) -> OSStatus



An ACL entry to remove.

Return Value


This method fails if you attempt to remove the owner entry because an access instance must have exactly one such ACL at all times. If you need to change ownership settings, modify the existing owner entry rather than replacing it. In particular, use the SecAccessCopyMatchingACLList(_:_:) method with the kSecACLAuthorizationChangeACL authorization to find the existing entry, and the SecACLSetContents(_:_:_:_:) method to change it as needed.

See Also

Access Control List Entries

ACL Authorization Keys

The operations an access control list entry applies to.

struct SecKeychainPromptSelector

Bits that define when a keychain should require a passphrase.

class SecACL

An opaque type that represents information about an ACL entry.

func SecACLGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the unique identifier of the opaque type to which an ACL entry belongs.