Retrieves the Diffie-Hellman parameters for a given context.


func SSLGetDiffieHellmanParams(_ context: SSLContext, _ dhParams: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeRawPointer?>, _ dhParamsLen: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>) -> OSStatus



An SSL session context reference.


On return, points to a buffer containing the Diffie-Hellman parameter block in Open SSL DER format.The returned data is not copied and belongs to the SSL session context reference; therefore, you cannot modify the data and it is released automatically when you dispose of the context.


On return, points to the length of the buffer pointed to by the dhParams parameter.

Return Value

A result code. See Secure Transport Result Codes.


This function returns the parameter block specified in an earlier call to the SSLSetDiffieHellmanParams(_:_:_:) function. If that function was never called, the dhParams parameter returns NULL and the dhParamsLen parameter returns 0.

See Also


func SSLSetEnabledCiphers(SSLContext, UnsafePointer<SSLCipherSuite>, Int) -> OSStatus

Specifies a restricted set of SSL cipher suites to be enabled by the current SSL session context.

func SSLGetNumberEnabledCiphers(SSLContext, UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>) -> OSStatus

Determines the number of cipher suites currently enabled.

func SSLSetDiffieHellmanParams(SSLContext, UnsafeRawPointer?, Int) -> OSStatus

Specifies Diffie-Hellman parameters for a given context.

typealias SSLCipherSuite

A type for storing cipher suite values.

enum SSLCiphersuiteGroup

A mechanism for grouping related cipher suites.

SSL Cipher Suite Values

Recognize the set of valid SSL cipher suite values.