Creates an object that acts as a container for a set of connected transforms.


func SecTransformCreateGroupTransform() -> SecGroupTransform

Return Value

A transform group object.


A SecGroupTransform is a container for all of the transforms that are in a directed graph. You can use this container as you would a single transform with the SecTransformExecute(_:_:), SecTransformExecuteAsync(_:_:_:) and SecTransformCopyExternalRepresentation(_:) functions.On the other hand, unlike a stand alone transform, you can't use a transform group with the SecTransformConnectTransforms(_:_:_:_:_:_:), SecTransformSetAttribute(_:_:_:_:) or SecTransformGetAttribute(_:_:) functions. Attempting to do so produces undefined behavior.

See Also

Transform Groups

typealias SecGroupTransform

A Core Foundation type that represents a container holding a group of transforms.

func SecGroupTransformGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the Core Foundation type ID for a transform group container.