Finds a member of a transform group by its name.


func SecTransformFindByName(_ transform: SecGroupTransform, _ name: CFString) -> SecTransform?



The transform group to be searched.


The name of the transform to be found.

Return Value

The transform group member, or NULL if the member was not found.


When a transform instance is created you give it a unique name. This name can be used to find that instance in a group. While it is possible to use the SecTransformSetAttribute(_:_:_:_:) function to change a transform's name after creating it, this is not recommended because doing so causes the SecTransformFindByName(_:_:) function to misbehave.

See Also

Transform Groups

func SecTransformCreateGroupTransform() -> SecGroupTransform

Creates an object that acts as a container for a set of connected transforms.

typealias SecGroupTransform

A Core Foundation type that represents a container holding a group of transforms.

func SecGroupTransformGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the Core Foundation type ID for a transform group container.