Returns a randomly generated password.


func SecCreateSharedWebCredentialPassword() -> CFString?

Return Value

A password in the form xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx, where x is taken from the sets abcdefghkmnopqrstuvwxy, ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ, and 3456789, with at least one character from each set being present.

See Also

Password Sharing

func SecAddSharedWebCredential(CFString, CFString, CFString?, (CFError?) -> Void)

Asynchronously stores (or updates) a shared password for a website.

func SecRequestSharedWebCredential(CFString?, CFString?, (CFArray?, CFError?) -> Void)

Asynchronously obtains one or more shared passwords for a website.

let kSecSharedPassword: CFString

A dictionary key whose value is the shared password.